Reclining Golem


Size: 38 x 53 cm (excluding passe-partout)

In the 16th century. The Jews of Prague experienced tremendous examples of anti-Semitism. This was not merely insults or anti-Jewish symbols scrawled on the side of synagogues. It included direct physical attacks known as pogroms. The Holy Roman Emperor, Rudolf II, demanded that the Jews of Prague should either leave the city or die. The Jews called on the chief rabbi of the city, Judah Lowe ben Bezalel, for help. Rabbi Lowe created a man from mud and used Kabalistic magick to bring the giant figure to life. At first, the Golem just protected the Jews from attack. As time went on, the Golem become more violent, attacking and killing non-Jews and then Jews. The Emperor begged Rabbi Lowe to stop the creature, telling him he would rescind the orders against the Jews. The Rabbi agreed, and used magick to end the Golem’s existence, but he stored the body in the attic of the synagogue should it ever be needed again.

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Reclining Golem
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